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Teaching Kids Positive Values Through Fun, Dynamic Music

Teaching Positive Values

Our songs can help teach kids responsibility, caring, and other values in a fun, memorable way.

Making Learning Memorable

This music can strengthen the learning process, making concepts easier to learn and remember.

Providing Happiness and Fun

Our songs create opportunities for building fun, happy memories, and positive community.

Building Positive Culture

Our music can help establish positive culture in school, home, or community settings.

Our Top Sellers: 3 CD’s on Faith, Hope, and Charity

by Carrie Maxwell Wrigley

Latest Release: “The Least That I Can Do,”

by Angelina Wrigley

A new CD brimming with inspiring original songs, plus fresh new arrangements of old beloved hymns. Songs include: “I stand All Amazed,” “With His Stripes I Am Healed,” and “Nearer, My God, To Thee.”

Available in 3 formats: 1) In English 2) In Spanish (“Lo Menos Que Puedo Hacer”) and 3) Accompaniment Tracks.

Sheet music is also available for all the songs on this inspiring collection.

LDS Classics – Free Music Library

The Living Christ – Family Proclamation – Articles of Faith

– Become Like Him (New YW Theme)  A Beloved Son of God  (New YM Theme)
 Daughters of God (RS Declaration) And We Love Him (Prior YW Theme: 8 Values)  

The Standard of Truth (1842,  J. Smith)
Restoration Proclamation (Coming Soon!)

(Based directly on sacred LDS text, these products are permanently shared for free on this site,
to make it easier to memorize and internalize this text.  Learn more about these free products here.)

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Morning Hope Music – Why This Site Exists

The music on this site is designed to lift the spirit, give comfort, and build strength – even in challenging times. Written by Carrie Maxwell Wrigley, LCSW, a professional counselor, this is music with a message and a mission – to promote healing, build faith and resilience, strengthen relationships, and celebrate the good things in life. Inspirational sheet music, recordings, programs, and lyrics are available here for your download and use.

Whoever you are, this site is for you! Maybe you’re a singer or choir director, seeking fresh, original music to perform at your next event. Or maybe you’re a teacher or church leader, looking for inspiring music that can help you share a needed theme or message. Or perhaps you’re just someone going through a hard time, who found your way here looking for a little hope or inspiration, to help yourself or a loved one. We’re glad you’re here!