Free LDS Music Library

LDS Classics Music Library 

MUSIC – The Living Christ  (April 2000, set to music)
MUSIC – Family Proclamation (April 1995, set to music)
MUSIC – Articles of Faith  (Dynamic new music to help memorize the Articles of Faith)

MUSIC – Become Like Him (New Oct 2019 Young Women’s theme, set to music)
MUSIC – A Beloved Son of God  (New Nov 2019 Young Men’s theme, set to music)
MUSIC – Daughters of God (Relief Society Declaration, set to music)
MUSIC – And We Love Him (Prior YW  theme set to music: 8 values of Personal Progress) 

MUSIC – The Standard of Truth (1842 declaration by Joseph Smith, set to music)
MUSIC – Restoration Proclamation (April 2020, set to music – COMING SOON!)

Based directly on sacred LDS text, these products are permanently shared for free on this site,
to make it easier to memorize and internalize this text.


These inspired texts were set to music by Carrie Maxwell Wrigley, at the request of local church leaders, seeking help to memorize and internalize these sacred texts.  It was found that, once set to music, these ideas and inspired phrases were much easier to understand and remember.  Memorization of the words came much faster, and stayed much longer, by using this music.  

It is hoped that this music can likewise help others to enjoy
the meaning, message, and memorization of these texts.