A Bee-Yootiful Day

Oh, my golly, it’s a beautiful day!
I feel so bright and jolly on this beautiful day!
We’ll have fun in this bright shiny sun,
On this wonderful, bee-yootiful day!

I feel so tremendous, it’s a wonderful time!!
Life’s so stupendous, I’m so happy that I’m
Here to see it all, gonna have a ball,
In this wonderful, bee-yootiful time!!

I’m so glad I’m here, gonna raise a cheer!
Gonna celebrate all day long!
And when the night-time comes, and the day is done,
You’ll still hear me singin’ this song!

Oh, what a wonderful, bee-yootiful day!
I had such fun in this bee-yootiful day!
And when I close my eyes, soon the sun will rise
On another tremendous, brand-new and stupendous,
Gloriously…. bee-yootiful day!!!

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2004 Morning Light Publishing