A Community of Caring

A community of caring – That’s what we’re building here:
A place where everyone feels safe, a place where we love and share.
A community of caring – It’s a wonderful way to live!
When everybody thinks not just about themselves, But about what they can give.

In this community of caring, everyone belongs,
Everybody plays a part in making us wise and strong.
We watch out for each other, as we work and as we play,
‘Cause everyone is needed here – Everyone’s okay!

We’re not all the same, we don’t look all alike,
But we can still be friends;
And in a place where we all know we matter,
The magic never ends!

In this community of caring that we are building here,
We make choices day by day, and year after year,
To be a little kinder in all we say and do;
So we’ll know how to treat other people when our short time here is through.
This is where it starts – Here we educate our hearts –
Here in this community of caring
That we are building… Here.

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2004 Morning Light Publishing