Behind Those Walls

You and I, together at the start,
Breathing as one, and feeling heart to heart.
Something changed: between us something grew
That slowly separated me and you.
And now we’re accidentally discovering again
That we can be the very best of friends – I wonder,

Why did the walls between us take so long to fall?
Why did we even build those silly walls at all?
Why did we waste so many years, such precious time,
Holding back love that we both felt behind those walls?

You and I, we found so many ways
To anger and hurt each other day by day.
I don’t know just how it all began;
To tally the heartache, I don’t think I can.
But I recall the bitterness, and I recall the tears,
The distance felt between us all those years – I wonder,

You and I, together once again,
Laughing and talking like the best of friends.
I never thought that this would come to be:
This warmth I’m feeling here with you and me.
Yet there’s a part inside of me that always will be sad
For the years we’ve lost, for times we could have had – I wonder,

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2008 Morning Light Publishing