Blue Carnation

He brought me a blue carnation From the local flower store today.
I’d never seen a blue carnation, And I didn’t know quite what to say.
There was baby breath with that blue carnation, And a tender little fern so green,
And tucked inside of the soft green tissue Was a tiny card I hadn’t seen: It said…

“Baby, lately you’ve been so blue, And I wasn’t sure what I ought to do;
And that is why I am giving to you A blue carnation, with love.”

He found a vase for that blue carnation In a dusty cupboard, way up high;
And as he gently arranged that blue carnation, I began to cry.
He came and wrapped his big arms around me, And held me tenderly;
I said, “Thank you for the blue carnation— It means a lot to me.” And he said—

I gazed awhile on my blue carnation, So fresh, so fragrant and so new,
And thought of how my blue carnation Would wilt and die in a day or two.
Then I realized how that blue carnation Had taught me something oh so true:
The blues inside me won’t last forever— Before long, they’ll wilt and vanish too.

He brought me home a blue carnation From the local flower store today;
And when I think of that blue carnation, My skies don’t seem as grey.

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2008 Morning Light Publishing

On CD:
Love’s Umbrella