Bullies: Blech!

Bullies – Blech! They’re annoyin’!
Bullies – Blech! We don’t enjoy ’em!
Bullies – Blech! We avoid ’em, everywhere we go!

Bullies – Blech! Wish they were never here.
Bullies – Blech! Wish they’d just disappear.
Bullies – Blech! How we all would cheer, if it could be so.

But even bullies are people, with problems of their own.
And maybe the mean things they do are because
They feel hurt and all alo-ho-ho-hone.

Bullies – Blech! They aren’t any fun.
Bullies – Blech! They bother everyone.
Bullies – Blech! They make us wanna run far, very far, away!

Bullies – Blech! But maybe deep inside –
Bullies – Blech – Is a part they try to hide;
Bullies – Blech! Maybe if we tried, We could help ’em find a better way.

Cuz even bullies are people, with heartaches of their own.
And maybe they’d be a little nicer if they didn’t feel all alo-ho-hone.

So – Bullies – Yep! Let’s surround ’em!
Bullies – Yep! Put our arms around ’em!
So the bully inside ’em will melt away
And the nice kid inside ’em will be here – to – stay!
Bullies – Blech!

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2007 Morning Light Publishing