Christmas Elf

I wish I were a Christmas elf, a Christmas elf, a Christmas elf,
Making toys for Santa’s shelf that he can give away!
I’d make them strong, I’d make them good, So they will last, just like toys should!
And when they’re done, I’d help to load them up on Santa’s sleigh!

But if I were an elf, then I’d have to live in the North Pole far away;
And I wouldn’t be home with the people that I love on Christmas Day.
So what should I do? What should I do?

Maybe I should be a Christmas elf, a secret little Christmas elf,
Dressed to look just like myself, Santa’s helper in disguise;
Maybe right here where I live, There are things that I can give!
Maybe there are people who need me, right before my eyes!

So I’ll keep my eyes wide open, and I’ll open up my heart;
And I’ll give my love every way I can, Cuz that’s how elf work starts!
That’s what I will do! Yes, that’s what I will do!

Then I will be a Christmas elf, A happy little Christmas elf,
Though I won’t make toys for Santa’s shelf or put them on his sleigh.
I’ll spread love and joy right here, On Christmas Day and throughout the year,
When someone needs me, I’ll appear, To give my love away.
Then I will be a Christmas elf, Every single day – Every single day!

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2011 Morning Light Publishing