Daily Battle

Sometimes it feels like  – It’s a daily battle.
Sometime I wonder – If I’ll ever make it through.
I’m chased, I’m surrounded –  By an enemy too big for me;
And I don’t know where to go,  Or what to do.

Sometimes it feels like  – I’m almost drowning:
The water’s so high – feel like I’m goin’ to die – it’s just wave after wave.
I just keep swimming  –   Somehow, I just keep holding on,
Hoping for someone who can rescue me,  Someone who can save.

He – hears me in the battle; He – sees me in the waves;
He – sends his strength, his power, Day after day after day,   After day.

Sometimes it feels like – The line’s been broken,
That heaven’s so far,  Beyond the most distant star,  I’m in the dark alone.
Is anyone out there?     Is anybody listening?
Or am I really here on my own?

He –  hears   me in the darkness;  He –  feels my every pain;
He  –  sends his light, his friendship,  Day after day after day, After day.

Sometimes it feels like  –  It’s a daily battle;
But I’m getting stronger,  As I make it through day after day.
I look to my Captain – he guards me and defends me,
He directs me, and he helps me find my way.

He  –  gets me through the battle;
He  –  keeps me going in the waves;
He –  preserves my bond with heaven
Day after day after day,    After day!

Through my daily battles…
’Cause it’s a daily battle.

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2016 Morning Light Publishing

On CD:  
Hold On to Hope