Daughters in My Kingdom

A worldwide circle of sisterhood, Sustaining and sublime,
Stretches far across the continents, And extends throughout all time.
From the earliest dawn of creation, To the final scenes yet to be,
You build together, day by day, A precious legacy.

Daughters in my kingdom, Walking in grace and glory,
Live with joy the part you play, In this grand, unfolding story.
Working shoulder to shoulder With the sons of God you stand,
Carrying out together the mighty work Of a great and wondrous plan.

The work that you do may go unseen, But the difference you make is real.
Day by day you extend your loving hands To nurture and nourish and heal.
If you live up to your privileges, The angels cannot be restrained
From being your associates, For they know you by your names! Oh,


So whenever and wherever you may walk on this world’s stage;
In whatever scenes you may find yourself; in whatever place or age,
Know that your worth is infinite, And know that your place is sure,
In the heart of a Father who knows you well:
Who you are, who you’ll be, who you were!    Royal…


Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2015 Morning Light Publishing