Daughters of Deity

Daughters of Deity, Children of God,
Disciples of Jesus Christ, Holding fast to the iron rod;
Pressing forward daily, towards that glorious tree
Where daughters of Deity can find rest now and eternally.

If you could only see beyond the veil, for just a moment or two
You’d be amazed to learn the truth about what’s inside of you.
The Creator of galaxies, of billions of worlds and stars,
Knows your name – Knows who you are.

If you could only see beyond the veil, back to where it all began,
You’d see a tender little girl, holding her Father’s hand.
And you’d see a gentle Mother there, in shining glory too;
And you’d see her sweet reflection now, In every part of you!!

You’d see the mighty Council, where you raised a joyful hand,
Sustaining the choice of a Savior, Sustaining your Father’s plan.
Then you’d see your hand lifted up again: this time in strenuous war,
Battling another Brother; Overcoming by the glorious sword of truth!

Oh, remember who you are – You’ve come so very far;
Press onward in your homeward journey
Though it’s hard sometimes, I know –
Daughters of Deity.

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2005 Morning Light Publishing