Fill Your Ground With Flowers

The most boring, back-breaking job in the world
Is picking weeds out of the ground!
You get dirt under your fingernails,
And your hands turn green and brown.
And if you wait till the weeds get really tall,
It can take all that you’ve got,
To tug and pull and yank them out –
But here’s an alternative thought:

If ya fill your ground with flowers,
Then there ain’t no room for weeds!
If you fill your time with happy stuff,
With happy choices and good deeds,
Then you’ll have a lovely garden,
Full of wonderful things, not bad.
So fill your ground with flowers, yeah,
And you’ll be happy and you won’t-a be sad!

The very best way to stop a problem
Is to never, ever start!
The very best way to stop a bad habit
Is to never let it in your life or your heart!
Because weeds start out really tiny,
But they can grow up big and strong;
Then can soon take over your garden,
And it won’t even take very long! But…


Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2003 Morning Light Publishing