Free to Love

I’m not free to decide what you think of me;
I’m not free to decide what you’ll do.
I’m not free to decide if you include me or not:
All of that is up to you.

I’m not free to decide how you see the world;
I’m not free to determine what you need.
I have no control over what you believe;
I’m not free to make you like me.

But – I am free To keep my heart wide open,
I am free to be kind, To hold anger and fear at bay.
I am free to serve, Even if my heart feels broken;
I am free to love, Even if you turn away.

For I follow a Master from another time;
He was mocked and rejected and scorned.
In the very act of extending His healing hands,
He was crucified and crowned with thorns.

His example, it shines through the darkness, a light
That your unkindness can never dim.
You have taught me, my friend,
That no matter how I am treated,
I’m free if I follow Him!

Oh, I’m free to love – No one can take that from me,
I am free to grow, In compassion through this pain.
I am free to serve: No matter what may come,
He walks before me, His presence glowing,
Ever shining, and ever showing,

That when I choose to love,
I am free indeed!
I am free!

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2008 Morning Light Publishing