Fully Here

When I was young, when I was small,
My heart was tender, my feelings raw.
But life was hard, people unkind,
And so to deal with it all, in my young mind,

I learned to close my heart, so it wouldn’t be hurt again.
I learned to turn my eyes away.
I learned to close my ears, so they wouldn’t have to hear
The cruel, unfeeling things some people say.
I silenced my voice, and made a choice
To not be here.

As years went by, as decades passed
I played it safe from behind a mask.
My shielded heart, my shrouded eyes,
My silenced voice, was my disguise.

But my playing small just kept my from my dreams,
Cuz when you’re playing it safe, you never fly.
I longed to spread my wings, to become all I could be:
I longed to soar, I longed to touch the sky.
Slowly I found my voice, and made a choice
To be fully here.

And now I see, and now I know,
If you can’t hurt, then you can’t grow.
If you can’t hear, and see, and feel, and live,
Then you can’t serve, or touch, or love or give.

And so I open my heart, to feel the things I feel.
I open my eyes, so they can see.
I open my eyes, to listen and to hear,
And I’m finding here at last that I am free!
Daily I lift my voice, and make a choice,
To be fully here.

I am finding my voice, and spreading my wings,
And sharing my truth, and doing amazing things.
Who knew that this life could be such a joy,
That there’s so much here to cherish and enjoy,
When you’re fully here, When you’re fully here.

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2017 Morning Light Publishing

On CD:
Love’s Umbrella