Held In Reserve

Make no mistake: you’re a marked generation,
And there is much that will be required of you.
Never before, in such a short amount of time,
Has there been so very much to do! You’ve been…

Held in reserve, for six thousand years,
To come forth in a time when the coming of the Lord is near.
Held in reserve, with a mission to perform:
To prepare the way of your coming Lord!

The day will come when all will be in commotion;
Men’s hearts already are failing them for fear.
In these times, though the challenges are greater than ever before,
Still, it’s unquestionably clear, That you’ve been…

So hold on fast to the iron rod,
You’re the generation that must be prepared
To meet your God!!

Prepare ye the way of the Lord!!!

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 1995, Morning Light Publishing

D&C 133:57-59

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