I Can Turn to You

When I’m sad, when I’m blue, when I don’t know what to do,
When the world gets me down, and I feel like a clown,
I’ll get by, I’ll pull through, ‘Cause I can turn to you.

When the skies all turn grey, and the stars melt away,
When it’s hard to survive, I know I’ll get out alive,
‘Cause I’ve seen that it’s true: I can turn to you.

I can turn to you, ‘Cause I know you’ll understand,
And when I turn to you, you always reach out your hand.
Won’t you answer me? I’m knocking again upon your door:
Just like I’ve done so many times before.

I’m afraid, I’m alone, and I’m so far from my home,
And I can’t seem to hide all the emptiness inside,
But I know what to do: I can turn to you.
(REPEAT CHORUS – 1st 2 lines instrumental)

Oh, my heart finds release, and you whisper to it peace,
And your love to me you extend — It amazes me again,
How you always see me through: I can turn to you.

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2003 Morning Light Publishing

Matthew 7:7-8