I Often Dreamed

I often dreamed, as a little girl,
That I’d wake some day in a magic world,
With a fairy gown and a band of gold,
Like in all the tales that I’d been told.

I often dreamed that a prince would come,
And carry me toward the sun.
He’d be beautiful, and so would I,
And together on a magic horse we’d fly.

As years went by,
I wondered when the magic would begin,
Quietly the fantasy still gleamed.
Patiently I waited for my prince to gallop in,
Just knowing he’d be all I’d ever dreamed.

But then one day, I found a simple man,
Who gives to me simply all he can,
And together, strange as it seems,
We’re building something sweeter than I ever dreamed.


And with this simple man, strange as it seems,
I’m finding something sweeter than I ever…

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2008, Morning Light Publishing

On CD’s:
Love’s Umbrella