I’ve Got Talents

Some kids are good at baseball, some kids are good at art;
Some kids are good at making things, and some kids are very smart!
Each kid is good at something; every kid’s a star –
Every kid’s the best at who they are!

Oh, I’ve got talents, (I’ve got talents),
And you’ve got talents too (And you’ve got talents too)
Working together (Working together)
There’s a lot that we can do (There’s a lot that we can do)

I’m important (I’m important),
And so are you! (And so are you!)
‘Cause I’ve got talents (‘Cause I’ve got talents)
And so do you! (And so do you!)

Some kids are kind and helpful; some kids are loyal friends;
Some kids are always smiling, some are patient to the end.
Every kid can make a diff’rence, every single day;
In their very own, and oh so special, way.


Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2003 Morning Light Publishing