Ketchup On Chocolate Cake!

Ketchup on chocolate cake Will give you a belly ache!
Hot steaming pies filled with spiders and flies Would surely be a big mistake!
Jello that’s filled with worms Is certain to make you squirm!
All these delights you can feast on tonite, At the Café Heartburn!

Pickles on pumpkin pie Will probably make you cry!
You prob’ly can’t eat that most horrible treat, Not even if you try!
If you want to avoid These kinds of tasty joys
I advise you, my dear, not to ever go near
The famous Café Heartburn!

Even if your friends try to drag you there,
Tell them you will never go!
‘Cause if you ever do, then it’s only fair
That I tell you I told you so! When I see you eating…

Ketchup on chocolate cake,
And getting a belly ache!
I hope that you will not ever go to
The famous Café… Heartburn!
(Will give you a belly ache!)

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2006 Morning Light Publishing