King of the Forest

I’m the king of the forest, Walkin’ taller than the tallest trees;
When you see me walk on by,fall down on your knees!
‘Cause I’m the king of the forest, So show me some respect!
I’m the king of the forest, yeah, And what I want is what I’ll get!

I’m the king of the forest,So don’t get in my way!
It’s my job to say what goes, And it’s your job to obey!
Yeah, I’m the king of the forest, Head honcho of the pack!
I get to tell you what to do – don’t wanna hear no talkin’ back!

Don’t mess with me – Don’t get in my way;
Say “yes” to me, ‘cause I’m gonna stay
Forever at the top, I’ll never stop…
But ya know, it’s kinda lonely ‘round here…

‘Cause when you’re king of the forest, there’s only one of you,
And life is ever so much more fun, when you’re hangin’ out with two or three or four.
I been king of the forest; But now let’s all be friends
Let’s all walk with our heads up high,
Together to the end.
Together to the end!

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2008 Morning Light Publishing