Little Baby Buggies

Little baby buggies crawling all across my bed!
Little baby buggies, with their bellies green and red!
Waving their antenna at me, trying to say hello,
Dancing with their furry little bug feet as they go!

Little baby buggies, in a happy bug parade,
Crawling up all over now the bed that I just made!
Little baby spiders, flies, and teensy baby worms,
See them as they wiggle and they squirm!

I have a little plan – I’ll get a little pail –
I’ll catch those little buggies by their little buggy tail –
I’ll take them in my sister’s room, oh so carefully,
And dump them out, where she is sure to see,
All those….

Little baby buggies crawling all across her bed,
Jumping in her long blonde hair and crawling up her head!
When I hear the screaming start, I’ll know that she has found,
Those little baby buggies all around!

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2005 Morning Light Publishing