Love Is An Action Word

There’s a million songs written every day
About a little thing called luh-huv [love]
And out of all those things all those people say,
There’s a lot I’m not really sure uh-huv. [of]
But this much is plain to see;
This much is clear to me, that…


Love is an action word – It’s doing what you can do
To show that you care – to serve, and give the best of you. <
Love is an action word – It isn’t just something you feel.
(Love in action:) That’s the kind of love that’s lasting,
That’s the kind of love that’s real.

There’s a million things we all need to learn,
But there’s nothing that matters mo-hore, [more]
To prepare us for all that life will bring,
And for all it has in sto-hore, [store]
Every single day you live,
Love is what you give!


Making life better for someone else,
Making their burden lighter,
Anytime anyone gives of themself,
The whole world just shines a little brighter!


Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2003 Morning Light Publishing