Love’s Umbrella

When the sky is dark, and the wind is cold,
When the rain begins to fall, and thunder starts to roll,
When the clouds collide, and the strom breaks free,
Sometimes I cynically suppose it only rains on me.

But I’m not alone – there are others who
Are standing on a street where it is raining, too.
I can cry alone, or I can find a way
To lift up love’s umbrella on this rainy day.

When shadows fall, and when troubles come,
Sometimes, I admit, I feel like I’m the only one
Who has ever hurt, who has ever cried,
Who has ever felt the kind of things I feel inside


I can give my love – I can stretch out my hands –
Deeply I have felt, and deeply I can understand
What it means to hurt – what it means to cry –
What it means to just keep going on, not knowing why>


To lift up love’s umbrella
On this rainy day.

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2017 Morning Light Publishing

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Love’s Umbrella