Make of Me a Temple

Make of me a temple, Lord – Make me a holy place
Filled with thy light and glory,
With thy peace and perfect grace.

Make of me a temple, Lord – A shelter from the storm,
So that even when the wind blows cold outside,
In here, it’s safe and warm.

Make of me a temple – Fill me with thy light,
That I may point men’s hearts to thee,
Even in the darkest night.

Make of me a temple, Lord –
A place of love and peace,
Where the contentions and corruptions of this world
Might ever cease.

Make of me a temple, Lord –
Furnished from within
With things of uplifting beauty
And no taint or shadow of sin.

Smooth my rocky landscape –
Plant it with trees and flowers;
Set a fountain of living water
At my door, flowing hour by hour.

Though for now I might just look like
A few small stones set on holy ground,
My sure foundation’s already been laid;
And though years will pass before I’m finished,
To my joy, I’ve found
That the price for me has already been paid.

So – make of me a temple, Lord –
Seal me as thine own,
That I for thee might always be
A welcoming, familiar home.

Make of me a temple, Lord –
Write upon my door
Those words of living light and glory:
“Holiness to the Lord.”

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2003 Morning Light Publishing

Howard W. Hunter, October 1994