Mucky-Mouthed Meanie

Don’t be a Mucky-Mouthed Meanie! Don’t wage a war with words!
There may be thoughts that pop into your head, that never should be heard!
Words were never meant to be weapons, putting other people down!
For just as easily, you see, your words could be, A way of spreading joy around!

Don’t be a Mucky-Mouthed Meanie! Grr-umpily complaining all day!
Don’t use words that make others feel, That they want to run away!
Don’t go gossip in a corner, spreading rumors or telling lies!
‘Cause words are like arrows – once you let them go, You can never tell where they may fly!

Words_____ live____ on______, Long after they are spoken;
So choose____ them____ wisely day by day.

‘Cause you will always be remembered, For the things that you do and say.
And ya don’t want to be remembered As a bully in any way!
So – Don’t be a Mucky-Mouthed Meanie! Choose to be uplifting and kind
In words as well as in actions – And a happy life is what you’ll find!
Don’t be a Mucky-Mouthed Meanie!

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2008 Morning Light Publishing