Through the Years

Through the years – I’m looking ahead to see  
What life will bring us through the years.
I see some tears – I see some ecstasy –
A little of everything through the years.

The future can’t really be seen, I know –
But I like to imagine how our love will grow,
Through the years.

Through the years, I’m sure that we’ll have our  
Share of adjustments – our ups and downs.
But we’ll work it out – we’ll work together    
To build up a home where love abounds.

You are not perfect, and neither am I,
But we’ll just keep going, and we’ll keep trying,
Through the years.

Children will come, children will go –
Life will go fast, life will go slow,
We will be young, we will be old –
But I’ll love you through it all, through the years.

Through the years,  I’ll be your partner,
I’ll be your companion, lover, friend,
I will be there – And I will share with you,
Your joys and sorrows till the end.

I will be there to give you what you need,
And I know that you will do the same for me,  
Through the years.

Time will come, and time will go,
Stars will shine, and winds will blow,
And though now I love you so,
I will love you even more through the years.

Through the years, life keeps its secrets
So carefully folded and tucked away.
It’s all a surprise – there’s no way of knowing
What’s going to happen from day to day.

But I know that I love you, and that you love me,
So there’s really no place where I would rather be,  
Through the years.

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 1989 Morning Light Publishing

On CD:
Love’s Umbrella