We’re Connected

We’re connected – All together –
From the least of us – To the biggest star.
We’re connected – All together –
And we do our best when we remember who we are:
And who we are, Who we are – Is that we’re connected.

We’re connected – Over oceans –
Across the continents – Beyond the seas –
We’re connected – All together –
From the youngest to the oldest of us, you and me:
We’re connected.

And there’s things that we can only give each other, don’tcha know,
Things that we can never find within;
And there’s ways that we can lift each other, through our darkest hours,
If we will only just let each other in!

We’re connected – On our sunny days –
In our windstorms – Or even our pouring rain,
We’re still connected – All together –
In our power and our passion and our pain,
We’re not the same – And we never will be –
But we’re connected, We’re all connected.

Like puzzle pieces we’re all unique in color and in shape,
And in the part that we contribute to the whole.
And there’s a space that only we can fill, a part only we can play,
A crucial place for every human soul!

‘Cause we’re connected – All together –
Over generations – And through all time,
We’re connected – All of us, together –
And the truth is, Everything will turn out fine,
If we just remember, Just remember –
That we’re connected, We’re connected,
We’re connected.

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2005 Morning Light Publishing

On CD:
Love’s Umbrella