You Never Gave Up On Me

There was a time, not many years ago,
When I was young, when I did not know,
What to believe, or which way to go with my life.

I was uncertain about my worth,
Uncertain why I was on this earth,
Almost giving up on myself sometimes.  But…

You saw something inside of me,
Something that nobody else could see,
Something of the person that someday I could learn to be:
You never gave up… On me.

Sometimes I wandered through blacks and greys,
Sometimes I acted in foolish ways,
But somehow I always found you there by my side.

You lifted me up when I was down,
You helped me to turn my life around.
You helped me to see who I really was inside, and…


No matter what I do in life, no matter where I go,
You’ve taught me to believe in me –
That’s the greatest gift I know, cause…


No matter what,
You never gave up…
On me.

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 1990 Morning Light Publishing

On CD:
Love’s Umbrella