Zion Means

The prophecies are clear; we can see that year by year,  
The world gets darker and more cold.
Iniquity abounds, and despair is all around; 
Confusion blinds the young and old.

But even in storm, there is peace, If we walk with Jesus,  
Watching for the day He comes.

Zion means the pure in heart;  Zion means a mighty change
In our lives, and in our thoughts and feelings,
Till we’re holy temples of God, Lighted by the Spirit of God.

It isn’t hard to see, by the light of prophecy,
The end gets closer every day.
The rumors and the wars, desolations at the doors,
The love of men in fast decay.

The wicked curse God and die,
But we walk with Jesus,  Watching for the day He comes.

Zion means we’re one in heart; Zion means we love each other
Even when the times get so hard:
Holding hands, we watch for His light, Joyfully we watch for His light.

The day will come, we know, when every land will be at war,
Swords lifted even against one’s own.
But we walk with Him and   In holy places we shall stand,
And not be moved until He comes.

The darkest night holds no fear, For we walk with Jesus,
Watching for the day He comes.

Zion means people of God – Zion means we’re in His hands;
We have sought, and we will ever find Him:
He will know His sheep when He comes;
He will guide His sheep till He comes.

Text and Music by:
Carrie Maxwell Wrigley
© 2017 Morning Light Publishing

On CD:
Hold On to Hope