Teaching Kids Positive Values Through Fun, Dynamic Music

Teaching Positive Values

Our songs can help teach kids responsibility, caring, and other values in a fun, memorable way.

Making Learning Memorable

This music can strengthen the learning process, making concepts easier to learn and remember.

Providing Happiness and Fun

Our songs create opportunities for building fun, happy memories, and positive community.

Building Positive Culture

Our music can help establish positive culture in school, home, or community settings.

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Music – A Powerful Way to Teach and Motivate Kids – In the Home, School, Church, and Community

Music is one of the most powerful influences in a child’s life – whether they’re with their families at home, with teachers and peers in a classroom setting, or in a church or community group.

Parents, educators, church and community leaders can draw on the power of music to encourage, teach, inspire, strengthen, and unify chidren. Learn more about how the resources on this site can help kids – and those who care for them.

Teaching Kids

through music

Teaching Kids

through music

Teaching Kids

through music

Teaching Kids

through music

Where These Songs Came From

Carrie Maxwell Wrigley, LCSW, the composer of the songs on this site, is a counselor and mother of five. She has been a choir director in local schools and community groups for over ten years, writing original songs to teach character education, and creating programs based on those songs to foster a culture of responsibility, kindness, and respect.

Carrie wrote many of these songs when her children were small, using these songs to create a fun, welcoming environment within her own home. She is delighted now to share these songs with others, in hopes that the happy influence of music can extend a positive impact on children, schools, and families everywhere.

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