For Right Now

MP3- Vocal Recording

But for right now, my body’s aching;
But for right now, my heart is breaking.
Oh, I know that we’ll meet again in a more perfect world –
How I’ll hold you then…
But how I wish it could be here and now.

When a dear friend lost her last child to stillbirth, I wrote this song to support and comfort her.  A few years later, this song was there to shore me up when I faced a similar challenge. For anyone facing the pain of grief:  “Maybe this vision will be enough, To get me through when times are tough, And when these feelings get so raw and rough, Here and now.”

Format: MP3
Duration: 4:23
Audiences: Christian, LDS, General
Style: Inspirational pop ballad
Text and music by: Carrie Maxwell Wrigley

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