Make A Difference

So many walk in darkness and in pain –
We can be the sunlight shining through the rain.
Today is such a wondrous day!
And together, we could make such a difference.

This song starts gently, and then becomes more bold and confidant.  It reminds us that each day brings opportunities to interact with our fellow beings – at home, at work, on the street, in the mall – anywhere we might find ourselves.

If we are willing, we can be instruments of hope, of comfort, and of strength to those around us. The world is ever more challenging, for ever more people. We can choose to help. We can choose to make a difference.

Formats:  Vocal-Piano (PDF);  MP3
Duration: 3:40
Audiences: General, Christian, LDS
Style: Pop ballad / anthem
Text and music by: Carrie Maxwell Wrigley

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