The Interview

When I stand before my Savior, When I appear in his courts above,
He won’t ask for a list of my accomplishments: He’ll want to know who I loved,
Who I served, who I reached out to, In word and thought and deed.
That is what he will be looking for, In his interview with me.

When each of us ultimately leaves this life and stands before our Maker, what will that reunion be like for us?   What will that “interview” consist of?  What questions will we be asked, and how will we be able to respond?  Day by day in this world, we prepare for that all-important “Interview.”

Based on observations of David O McKay, about the interview questions we will likely be asked in that final interview.  See Alma 5:14-19 for similar insights.

Formats: Vocal-Piano (PDF); MP3
Duration: 3:40
Audiences: Christian, LDS
Style: Inspirational pop ballad
Text and music by: Carrie Maxwell Wrigley

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