Trust In The Lord – CD

16 inspirational songs building faith, confidence, and hope. A special collection of Carrie’s best inspirational songs, used most often in her classes on overcoming depression, anxiety, addiction, and other emotional challenges. All newly rerecorded and remastered in 2017.

By Carrie Maxwell Wrigley

1. Under Construction – (C) Based on a true story, this song is a reminder that none of us are expected or required to be perfect today. We are, every one of us, “under construction,” in the hands of a perfect Carpenter.

2. Trust in the Lord – (C) Based on Proverbs 3:5-6, this song describes the impact this scripture had on me from my earliest youth to my adult years. In every season of life, if we trust and follow the Lord, he will direct our paths.

3. And I Feel Peace – (C) Written for and with a group of young children, this song brings to life the idea that “All thy children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace of thy children.” (Isaiah 54:13)

4. His Love Lights the Way – (C) Written for a group of young women with emotional challenges, this song reassures old and young that even in dark and uncertain times, His guiding light shines in darkness. (John 1:5)

5. Let It Rather Be Healed – (C) Based on Hebrews 12:13, this song invites us to not just live with our ailments and limitations, but to bring them to the perfect Healer, for relief and recovery.

6. Bring It Unto Him – (C) In an age of so many experts and healing paths, sometimes the last place we think to turn for help with our sorrows and challenges is the most powerful. “Whatever it is, bring it unto Him.”

7. For Thy Good – (C) In the midst of our trials and sorrows, one of the most comforting and powerful of ideas is that there is a reason for our suffering, that all things will be turned for our good. (Romans 8:28, D&C 122:5-9)

8. Armed With Strength – (L) Based on Ephesians 6:10-18 and 1 Nephi 14:14, this song offers bold assurance that despite oppositions against us, we can be “armed with strength” to face and overcome our various challenges.

9. He Is My Refuge – (C) “God is our refuge, a very present help in trouble; therefore will we not fear.” (Psalms 46:1-3). Like the faithful of old, we can learn to draw on the abundant strength and comfort of the Almighty.

10. I Will Praise Thee (Song of the Redeemed) – (C) This song was inspired by the vision of John, (Revelations 7:9-17) seeing a great multitude of people in heaven, clothed in white, singing joyful praises. Redemption is exquisitely personal, for each of us, drawing on the bounteous mercies of the Lord.

11. Acquainted – (C) Based on Isaiah 53:3 and Alma 7:11-12, this song, written in the midst of deep personal grief, provides reassurance that we are never alone in our pain – that our Savior is deeply and intimately acquainted with even our most personal sorrows, and can lead us safely through each one.

12. My Own Sacred Grove – (L) In 1820, a young boy had an experience that left him with an unshakeable conviction that God is as real, personal, and present in modern times as He ever was in history. As we go to our knees, we can find similar assurance of His ongoing direction and care.

13. Held in Reserve – (L) Based on a talk by Ezra Taft Benson, this song is a joyous affirmation that we are living on earth now for a reason; that this season of the world’s history into which we are sent is a particularly challenging and important one – but that we are up to the challenge.

14. Make a Difference – (G) Every day is filled with opportunities to serve and lift others. We can train our eyes and hearts to recognize and carry out opportunities for service and kindness. “Every day, make a difference.”

15. Doin’ a Lotta Good – (C) Life seems to get busier and faster all the time, for all of us. We race through our lives, sometimes so fast that we forget some of the things that are the most essential. We can tune in quietly, and find personal guidance on where best to extend our strength, time, and focus.

16. The Interview – (L) Based on a talk by David O. McKay, this song reminds us that when we are reunited at last with our beloved Father above, he will judge the quality of our mortal lives not somuch by our accomplishments, but by our relationships with others. Each day is a precious opportunity for us to prepare for “that interview someday.” (Alma 5:15-19)

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All songs written and performed by: Carrie Maxwell Wrigley, © 2017
Recording and Mastering: Masa Fukuda, Sandy, Utah
Graphics Design: Matt Maxwell (

Trust in the Lord (Carrie’s notes on the songs – August 2, 2017)

What a great joy it has been, to gather and review these songs, given to me originally by a kind and loving Heavenly Father, to provide guidance and comfort in my own times of need – and then extended outward, to help others in theirs. These are songs I’ve sung for nearly two decades now, in teaching others to overcome emotional difficulties, strengthen relationships and build positive endurance and growth through life’s various challenges.

Re-recorded, re-mixed, and re-mastered by Masa Fukuda, it is hoped that this new recording will breathe fresh new life and power into these songs – to do good, extend comfort, build faith, and expand “trust in the Lord,” in these tumultuous but exciting times. May these songs serve as a light of hope for you, as they have been for me.

—Carrie Maxwell Wrigley

Format: MP3
Duration: 58:00
Audiences: Christian, LDS
Style: Inspirational
Written and recorded by: Carrie Maxwell Wrigley


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