Under Construction

Please excuse my mess – I’m under construction;
I know it’s awful inconvenient, but it’s true.
The Builder is working hard each day,
To make things better in every way –
And when all of this remodeling is through,
I’ll be even better set for serving you.

Tells of an individual encountering an inconvenient construction project, and realizing that we’re all “Under Construction.” None of us are perfect, but are becoming gradually improved, day by day,  over the process of time.

Based on an insight from CS Lewis, about God gradually reworking each of us as a “living house,” making us better than we were. Though the development process may not be easy, in the hands of that master Carpenter, the results are worth the trouble.

Formats:  Vocal-Piano (PDF);  MP3
Duration: 4:16
Audiences: Christian, LDS
Style: Gentle pop ballad
Text and music by: Carrie Maxwell Wrigley

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